Greg Fanart

Greg Fanart

Greg Heffley is the main protagonist of Greg.


Greg is wearing an Aceh and sand colored cap that make him looks like "cool". His hair was unfortunately black. His eyebrow was thick and have a brown eye. His shirt was button opened, colored gray, and stripped dark blue. He had a t-shirt marked Superman, stripped red, and colored blue. His pants is colored black and stripped red.


Greg is a 12 year old boy who is an eternal optimist and cares deeply about his "friends" and family. He is somewhat scatterbrained and loves nothing more than entertaining himself and others even though they usually don't want him to.

His love of food is second to none and he sees himself as a role model to his older brother and younger sister. This is because his mom is always out doing who knows what and his father treats him like scum on the soles of his shoes. His ultimate goal is to do everything possible before he turns the dreaded age of 13.

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